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Hello Dhruv

Hey Dhruv,

Looks like you have got a great blog of your own now! You can use this to express yourself, share your thoughts, ideas, interesting things that happen to you! Dhruv – you can now upload your pictures, share your videos or blog about anything you like! Do you like the header image that I have added? Well, we can change it if you have something funnier!

You can also allow others to post interesting stuff here for you. Anyone you like! I will share some interesting stuff from our recent road trip with you in my next post here.

I will send you an email with steps to create your account so you can have your username and password and get started!

Till then, enjoy your blog and have fun blogging.

Deb Maasa



[frosted glass is the chaos in your mind and its many diversions. Your creative mind and the gazillion crossroads it goes through everyday. Ideas taking shape one moment and fizzling out the next..]

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