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Delicate Arch – You have to see it to believe it!

Hey Dhruv, did you see the pictures I took of the delicate arch during our recent roadtrip? Here’s one of the good ones.

Delicate Arch - Moab, Utah

 Isn’t it breathtaking? Did you see those few tourists sitting at the small rock towards the left? Now you can imagine how tall this piece of rock is. It’s 52 ft tall (That’s 10 times Maasi’s height !). This is a naturally formed arch – which means that it was created by wind and water erosion over millions of years. Do you know what erosion is?

The delicate arch is also the state emblem of Utah, which is a state towards the west of USA. Utah is full of rocky mountains and arches like this one. Maasi and I had to hike up a small rocky hill to reach the delicate arch. It took us 45 mins, and we stopped once mid way to have water and rest a bit. At the top of this small hill, we saw the Delicate Arch, and I took the picture above. It was very windy up there, and we could hardly stand still. See my hair in the picture below!!



[frosted glass is the chaos in your mind and its many diversions. Your creative mind and the gazillion crossroads it goes through everyday. Ideas taking shape one moment and fizzling out the next..]

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