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Why people say time is precious?

I wonder why people say time is  precious? I wonder why parents say time is precious? I wonder why children say time is not precious! I can’t  believe don’t think  that there is always next time! BUT  in some ways there right. ECT [ some time you have a class paid for one day and you miss it. That’s a way time is precious? Isn’t it? BUT what ever comes in the future , goes to the past.





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One thought on “Why people say time is precious?

  1. according to dhruv ” time is not that precious as there is always next time!!

    his logic is
    – when you refer to ‘time’ in the past- it is ‘precious’ but in future we have enough time and also people who are old (hv spent more years in the past) feel time is precious and the young ones think ‘there is always next time!

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