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Why do we need Abacus??????????

Abacus is a math class which I go to. I sort of like it and in the end we play a game .Lets see my score in a abacus….. 31/50 bad score more practice. I don’t understand why at school I get 10 /10  and in abacus I get 1/1o .



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One thought on “Why do we need Abacus??????????

  1. Dhruv, maybe because in school it is more about learning something new and not just scoring marks!

    It’s the same way with me in tennis. When I play for recreation and to improve my game I enjoy a lot more! But when I play a match I enjoy less because then my focus is only to score points.

    Hey, you know what? Sometimes you enjoy when you win and sometimes you win when you enjoy!! How about that!

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