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very funny day…..

One day me and my friend Josh [Joshwer] went with his dog  for a walk. We went  to the Arabian Ranches lake. We were going to go around the lake until we got tired . Then Josh said ”Since were tired lets go a shorter way” he said. Then we thought it was Al Reem 3  but it was Al Reem 2. We live in Al Reem1 but there’s a short cut from Al Reem 3  to Al Reem 1. So then josh said ”let’s discover a shorter way because it is getting dark. It was 6:30. Then I said ”but then we will get lost. So we went back to the lake and instead of going back to Al Reem 1 we went to the Al Reem 1 main gate! So when we reached home josh’s grandma said to me ”Never come to call josh to play with you. So I smiled and said ”yes” and the next day I called josh!



Warning.[war-ning]. Please reduce the brightness if you are reading the yellow



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3 thoughts on “very funny day…..

  1. Hhhahaa.. that was a funny incident! I am curious to know if you met Josh’s grandma the next day?

    By the way, next time you meet Josh’s grandma, tell her this joke and make her smile!

    Once Mama tomato, papa tomato and baby tomato went for a walk. Since mama tomato and papa tomato were walking fast, baby tomato was left behind. So papa tomato walked back to baby tomato and said – Catch Up. (Ketchup) !!

    Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

  2. Hi Dhruvi,
    Nice story.
    So next time, go to Al Reem 1 from Al Reem 2 & go through Al Reem 3, so that Al Reem 4 will be nearest. So the short cut is to go to Al Reem 1 gate & reach Al Reem 1.
    Now that the directions are clear, take Josh with you quickly 🙂

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