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Pseudonym (p is silent)


I like your writing style. You say little, but you say it very well. I really found the post about you and Josh very funny. I think next time we are together, let’s brainstorm if we can write a book (we can start with a short story first) together. I can write SOME, and you can write SOME. It will be aweSOME. 🙂

We can codename ourselves as DD (Dhruv and Deb).

A lot of writers write under different names. In real life they go by their real names, but when they write a book, they sign as someone else. It’s called a pen-name or a “pseudonym” (pronounced “seudonim” – p is silent).

There was a great writer called Hector Hugh Munro. His pseudonym was “Saki”. He is one of my favorites. His stories are hillarious, and his writing style is very funny, like yours!

Deb Maasa



[frosted glass is the chaos in your mind and its many diversions. Your creative mind and the gazillion crossroads it goes through everyday. Ideas taking shape one moment and fizzling out the next..]

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