Posted in song time!

Do a Deer

123 Go!Do a deer a female deer ray , a drop of golden sun, me, a name I call myself fa, a longer way to run, so, a needle pulling thread, la a note to follow so, t , I drink with jam an bread, that will bring us back to do. X2 times

do ra me fa so la te do so do!




Adios amigos,





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One thought on “Do a Deer

  1. Amigo,

    “¿Cómo estás?”

    Is that how they teach you music? Sounds like gibberish !!!

    All right. You have fun in Bangalore with everyone. Tell Nani and Maasi not to pamper you too much, play some tennis, and most importantly – write a short story for me as my birthday present. Any subject you like..

    Hasta luego (Maasi would have said – Hasta pronto! – since you are meeting her soon)
    Deb Maasa

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