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The BLOG starts to rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

TheBLOG is starting to rise. If you do not believe check this out. These are the people who know the blog. Me, Masa, masi, My mom and dad ,My friend , [and my friends mom and dad,] My mothers whole office, and my family is going to know when I go to India .And Sri  and his sister [Smrithi]

Total: 15

Se you soon ,





Hi there, and welcome to Dhruv Beats. Over here, you can read a collection of stories, ideas, thoughts and opinions. But in the end, browse around, read, and well, enjoy! "A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts" - Brandon A. Trean

2 thoughts on “The BLOG starts to rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  1. I have told some of my friends too about your blog. One of them is Shaan. Do you remember meeting Shaan Maasi?She had visited you in Dubai along with me! She saw your drumming video and has become a big fan of yours!

  2. Now I know of your blog… and so will the whole of Manipal… keep up the good work!!! Take part in a lot of story writing competitions…

    Kaushik anna.

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