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The haka is a war dance that New Zeland does before a rugby match. But 1000s of years ago, the mauris did the Haka. They did the dance before going to war. They did the dance because they wanted to scare the other tribe. They had angry faces and did scary pantings on them. The haka goes like this:

“ Kamate kamate kora kora Kamate kamate kora kora! Tengata tengata poohoohohoo. Nanani tkimi waka wi tiki tera! Arupa arupa arupana  cupana tiki tera  He! This dance tells a story about the trible chief Who was going to be captured. He went to his friend for help and his friend dug a hole, coverd him with grass and his wife on top. When the tribe he stared to say kamate kamate which means “I die I die” But at that time, men were not under women so the tribe left. Then he started to say kora kora. And the rest means :’’ I’ve been saved by this big hairy man I shall see the sun again’’



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