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Review of the trip to oman

Review of the oman trip

I was really excited when I went Oman. But 1day before I went to Oman, I got hyper. I kept saying:’’lets start packing, I want to go to oman to see the turtles.’’and my father said:’’be patient, were going to go tomorrow. “will you wake me up? I’m not use to getting up early. I said.”yes”.said dad. When my father woke me up early , and I got tired. But I didn’t care. All that excitement was in me and that’s what put me up. I got really tired at the petrol bunk. I drank some cold milk  to keep me awake.

We went  from dubai to Sur, via Mehzad border,  and through Nizwa about 850Km.

For breakfast, I had a potato sandwhich and 2 strawberry milks. I had a thrilling experience going to Sur. As I was going I got bored, and sleepy. So I hopped on the bmw. I slept in the bmw for hours. When I woke up, we reached turtle beach. I hopped my clothes on and went on a car to see the turtles. At the first beach, the turtles didn’t come because we were loud. At the 2nd beach, the turtles came! Had a thrilling experience. When I went home, I went to sleep. The 2nd day, the children went on the bike. I liked when the wind blew in my hair. Not so far, we ended up in the wadi. It was beautiful. But not so far , we got delayed. All the moms and dads went on the bikes except the people with no bikes. So Me and the girls were on the bike. So we kept quit till we reached THE GRAND HYATT MUSCAT. When I reached, I watched T/V. we went for lunch at the place. I ate a burger with French fries. The French fries were as good as the normal French fries. They were crispy. When I went back to my room, I watched a movie. It was pirates of the Caribbean. After the movie, I got changed to go to  somebody’s  house. We danced to music, and played: how many spin’s can you do? Then we had 1 of my favorites.  Pizza!!!! After dinner, I went back home. The next morning, I took a bath and got ready to go back to Dubai. I went on the preajero . We played top trumps and played atlas. After lunch, all of us went on the bmw. We played 20 questions, the memory game, and homophones. We managed to fit all of the games till we reached dubai. Ah! Finally, home sweet home.



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2 thoughts on “Review of the trip to oman

  1. looks like you had an awesome trip watching turtles and sleeping in the bmw!! ha ha! Good show..

    By the way, I don’t know the Spin game.. sounds fun!

    Deb Maasa

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