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how make a funky little pizza. {do not share the pizza}

1. roll the dough. do not role it properly

2. add some pizza sauce. do not spread the pizza sauce on the dough.

3. do not add sprinkled cheese. add cheese cubes and flat cheese

4. add toppings! {do not add mushrooms, olives, chicken, or broccoli. add lettuce cucumber, leafs, and cabbage.

5. do not bake properly. bake for 24 hours.

6. make sure it is over cooked.

anybody want to improve on this recipe please write a comment on how to make a pizza. because this is how it’s going to look: 




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6 thoughts on “how make a funky little pizza. {do not share the pizza}

  1. ignore step 1 to 6..
    1. pick up your phone
    2. call pizza joint
    3. order your pizza with fav. toppings and extra cheese with chocolate cake and cola
    4. ask them to deliver fast
    5. let mom/dad open the door
    6. by now u will have smile on your face and pizza on the table
    7. eat it; reciepe you can’t beat it

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