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coolest coaster ever

When i went to global village I went on this cool roller-coaster. i call it the demolisher. it felt like it was as fast as  sound . when you go down you feel like you’re going to fall. you’ll feel like you will die. but it was as good as having a psp. i went twice. i tried front seat and back. the difference is that the back jumps when you go down, and the front you feel like you’re going to die. you feel like you are going to topple over. but when people make them , they have to manage the angle of how is the slide going to come down. they manage the age limit and the size of the roller-coaster. i heard once the didn’t do it and some one fell 500m heigh. ouch!!!!!!???



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7 thoughts on “coolest coaster ever

  1. Good one Dhruvi!
    But do you know how it feels when you go para-sailing on a windy day! There is a big chance people who are supposed to help you land, can’t guess which direction are you heading and would be waiting somewhere else! It happened with me! First I saw some ant like things along the beach and the next moment I realized they were actually some people playing on the beach! Can you imagine the sight when people saw me falling from the sky, and were trying to dodge me while I was on my way crash-landing into them!!

  2. aaawhh..i so want to go para sailing and Dhruvi I am not a roller-coaster person !!!
    ask your ‘akka’…she likes to be thrown around and gets pleasure out of fear 🙂

  3. Dhruvi!!
    Tell aunty that there is no big prob.

    I Have gone para sailing in Mauritius and Para Gliding here.

    In fujairah we went to a beach and me and my dad went para gliding.

    Renu aunty can go there!!

    What rollercoaster did you talk ’bout?

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