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mothers store opened

My mothers store has finally opened at JLT. It is filled with organic products i say, organic. this is the real story of how she got that idea.

one morning I came down the stairs for breakfast. I was in a angry voice. I said “ma ma. why don’t you give me organic food? she said “cause it’s expensive. it’s just food that is real expensive. It isn’t. watch this video. She was shocked of how dangerous it could be. I told her how it effects the ecosystem because it is harmful to animals. she said it wasn’t good. their had to be something done. “why don’t people switch to organic? why is it expensive.” said my mother. I said.”people put pesticides[chemicals] in food so it doesn’t get eaten, and crops will grow faster. lets say a non-organic farmer sprayed pesticides on plants and had 10 apples. while a organic farmer only had 5. he would need to increase the price to catch up. and if their were only organic food, there won’t be enough food for the earth. So i guess organic has down sides, but no as much.” ” you make good point. I’m going to start an organic store. 

So you see? this is how my mother got in BPGP. And all the applause goes to my mother. none goes to me. i need applause.


By, dhruv

founder of BPGP.




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4 thoughts on “mothers store opened

  1. Hahaha, DHRUVVV, guess who this is …….. !!!! I SAW UR BLOG !!!!! MUHAHAHA !!! But anyway, you write amazingly well ! 🙂

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