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My first week in america.

I’m having a superb time in america. In tennis, me and my uncle play singles, play matches, and join with 2 other people to play matches. In lake compounce amusement park, I went on a roller-coaster called the wild cat and the boulder bash. wild cat goes fast and takes short breathing deep turns. Boulder dash is allot scarier. It’s bumpy ride that goes 120km no matter what it does! There is no straight rails. It’s like a out of control train. In the skate park, There lots of ramps to jump all and around. It’s scary going on the smallest ramp with a wave-board(rib stick, like a skateboard just with 2 wheels). And what do I do at home? Well, watch T/V and help with the cooking in the house, and, sleep! Then, we went to boston to see a baby called Nikata. Nikata is a 4 month girl who likes to spend time with other people. on my visit, she sneezed on my face! I’m telling you, she’s one of a kind. Me and masi went berry picking on the farm. We picked peaches, jasper berry’s, rasberries, and blue berries. Me and my uncle painted our garden table. It may look easy, but it’s not! I actually got primer on my hair and on my crocs! the work took 1-2 hours but it got done! I’m having a great time in america.






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