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how was the grand canyon formed

The grand canyon was formed like this:

1. Deposition. during the past few years, layers and layers of sand, dust, and copper started to go on one top of another creating canyons. 

2. Uplift. the rocks under-ground start to push through the sand going up until it reaches land. then more rocks under-ground start to go on land. when it reaches land, the rocks already on land get pushed up. slowly, a mountain gets formed.

3. Down cutting.  water comes from on top of a slope with a enormous force cutting through the rocks. this is what causes a river to flow through a grand canyon

4. Erosion. as time goes on, rocks come together to form a mountain. they can come together by earthquakes, which shakes some sand and rocks to come together, floods push the rocks to make a mountain like shape, and other natural disasters depending on the climate of that place

The easiest way to remember this is to think of it as dude. deposition, uplift, downwilling, and erosion.

I got this information from my uncle. we were sitting in the balcony on a sunny morning discussing about the formation of the grand canyon.And,  he made it simple by drawing it on a piece of paper. he got excited when he brought up this topic. he showed in a clear, understanding way. he was very simple in his words and spoke very clear. He was confident. I really thank him for doing this for me. it shows how much he cares.



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