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Pogo stick poem and onomatopea poem

I’m jumping on my pogo stick, but help I’m starting to make me sick. I’m so happy i could run around, and go to venus and way 1 pound! martians could call me droove, and say that I’m always on the move, people could start insulting me like that, and put a red carpet on my hat. and hey, what does that mean? oh my pogo stick. oh, my pogo stick. It bounces with me like a cheeta pouncing

the end


 Bang! goes my neighbor drum. Honk! goes the cars bang clash bang! goes the parade swoosh! goes the water in the water park. blink! goes lights on the street turn on and of. meow! goes the cat. woof! goes the dog. please help! I’m starting to weep. Is it to much to ask for some sleep?



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One thought on “Pogo stick poem and onomatopea poem

  1. I think u should leave the pogo stick in Mars and come back to earth and sleep:) u got some imagination Dhroov!!! and u know what ur dad comment will be – spelling & grammar my boy!!!

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