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Going to the toy store

One very fine day, I went to the toy r us. I was going to pick a toy to take to dubai. At first when I came in, I saw these small baby toys. I kept looking. Then it hit me. If I don’t find the toy today, we will have a hard time finding another toy store. So I zoomed across the store. I didn’t have time to think. Then I accidentally bashed on a trolly. Good thing no body saw me! Then, I saw a pogo stick. I thought: there must be better things. So I said to the toy. “howdy mate. I’ll come back to you later!” The minute I stepped out of the asile, I felt like the toys were talking to me. Luckily, I went into a boring section. the talking stopped. Then, I saw a hot wheels remote control car that you can control with your Iphone! You can tell it where to go, you can make it slide, and you can make it drift, you can tell it where to go. I got confused. the pogo stick could last longer and you could jump higher. the easiest way for me to choose was to think: “I already have a remote control car. Why need another one? But, I have to also pay for the helmet and kneecaps for the pogo stick. Then my uncle stepped in the way. He said “you can pay for the pogo stick and I will pay for the helmet. Okay? I was cool with the idea. so we took the pogo stick to the counter and paid for it. Wow! That was tricky. So many toys in my head which one to choose from. The pogo stick.

  The end



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