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Yesterday night me, masa, and masi played monopoly. At first, I was loosing. I started of with 12000$. I kept trying to get out of the 100 zone. And I did. I bought 3 tain stations out of 4. So when they landed on that space, They hat to pay 100$! I finally was the richest among all. I had 20000$! But then I went to far. I put 2 hotels in Mediterranean avenue and boltic avenue. i started to get poor! 2 hotels cost 450$. So when they came, They had to pay 450$ to live in the hotel. And when they landed in the train station, they had to pay 100$. But then I made the 2nd clumsiest move. I sold Connecticut to masa! He built 3 houses, 2 hotels on 3 places on his property. I was almost broke. But I refuse to give some of my land. At the moment I’m trying to save and earn money as well as paying rent. Luckily, I put a house in the atlantic worth 110$. I trying to save all I can and not by. ( I’ trying to bankrupt masi to sell board walk for a low price. When she has to sell board walk, She sell it for a low price because people won’t by it for a high price. The land plus the house she bought is worth 1200$! I now only have 592$, masi has 600$, and masa has 16000$! What do you know I’m the poorest! Though the game is not finished. 



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