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to be continued monopoly (dhruv strikes again!)

Now you Know that I didn’t finished it day before yesterday right. Well, we played yesterday and we still didn’t finish. Well, Here’s what happened. All of us continued the game until everybody started to land on my property. Masi was lucky, Masa was not. Masi landed on the normal property with know house. rent is 22$ or something. But masa landed on my train station. Since I own 3 train stations, the rent is 100$! So he payed me100$. He was still safe with his money. Then, he landed in my baltic avenue. Since it had a hotel, He had to pay me 452$! Now he was unsafe. Then, he landed in Pennsylvania. Masi had 3 houses. So the rent for him was 1100. So he sold his train station, all his property to the bank. Then I landed on park place She hade 3 houses, so the rent was 1100! Well, for me, It really didn’t  matter. I could pay it easily. It was now I realized that I was gaining money and people were falling into my property. The game ended shortly and I had the most money. I had 2032$! Masi and masa wants to gang up on me. Ha! They don’t stand a chance!

To be continued



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