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Whats 25+25?








All of the answers are 50! Know whats the big deal about 50? Why today I write about the number 50? Well, It’s Mohan mama’s birthday! And he turned 50 years old. Today this morning I wish him a happy birthday! I was chatting with him and went to the temple to bless Mohan mama  on his birthday. I sand him the happy birthday song in arabic and hindi. If you think that it was the you live in the zoo one, it’s not. H had a nice, big, and happy smile on his face. The whole family was there but me. (It was in India and I’m in america) but I did see it on Skype. I saw the pictures of the festival. It was awesome. Now,

The happy birthday song in arabic cha cha cha is the chourus :

sena helwa yejali cha cha cha senahelwa yejali cha cha cha. sena helwa sena helwa sena helwa yejali cha cha cha!

Now in english:

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear mohan mama happy birthday to you!




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3 thoughts on “50

  1. Hi Dhruvi, thank you very much! It was a special treat to me. It started the day ( in the middle of the night!), with Anish & Mighty giving me presents (hand made), gokul comming in the middle of the day & you coming towards the end of the day (here in India, it was night, when you started the day in America) & singing a wonderful birthday song! I loved it. Thank you all once again. Bye Mohan mama

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