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day 1-grand canyon


Yesterday me and masa and masi went on car to the Grand Canyon, when we were checking out of the hotel, I went to fill my water bottle. The water tank had lemon juice inside. When I came back, masi wanted me to fill her water bottle with lemon juice. We took some pictures. We were about to leave until masa had lost his lens cap. We searched for 30 minutes until we found it. It was camouflaging with our black seat. We finally left. I thought we were now going to the Grand Canyon but instead we went to walmart. Masa said to put my stop watch for fifteen minutes but we ended up with half an hour! We went to the Grand Canyon. In the car, we listened to the songs we recently downloaded, like 2112, over the temples, and the trooper. Half way through, we had a rest at a rest area in the middle of nowhere! I refilled my water bottle and sat down. We were going to leave but masa forgot to close the boot. The ice box fell! 100s of pieces of ice was scattered all around the place. We took the box back in the car and remembered to close the boot. When we left, I kept asking “are we there yet?” “How much more time?” When we reached the grand canyon, we watched an Imax movie about the first person to cross the Colorado river named John Powell. We went to the south rim of the canyon and took pictures. Looking at the pictures I thought going down the canyon would take 1 hour. But when I saw the actual thing, It seemed like 2 days! We watched the sunset. I was very peaceful. Up till now, it’s the best place I have ever been to. We almost trekked a MILE! After that we went to page, AZ. I slept on the way to page. When masa went to refuel, he again forgot to close the boot and the ice box fell. Oh, masa!



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