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Delta havoc

Delta havoc!

Right before we left the minivan to enter the airport, the driver of the airport shuttle was saying bad things about Delta. He said that Delta has 4 terminals but out of that 4th terminal has nothing. When people wanted to go to San Diego, they had to go to terminal 3, and there was no gate to terminal 3! So he took a shuttle bus all the way to terminal 3, from terminal 2.  And he said in Delta they didn’t have sections which made it harder. When we were looking for our gate, the signs were put the wrong way! And when it said “entry to shuttle bus at section 30 is open,” the gate was closed! Delta had so many problems, it has trouble being organized. It’s not straight forward. But other flights like American Airlines, British airways and Virgin are straight forward. “Okay, I have to go to terminal 5 and check in and board the flight. But, Delta is: “Okay I have to go to terminal 2 and check in and take a shuttle bus to terminal 3 Which takes around 1 hour in total. Oh Delta, how many more problems do you have. Lets get over with it!


A lady on the back of the airport shuttle whispered to aunty “My husband is a Delta pilot. Good thing the driver didn’t get into any trouble!




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