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Day 2-vermillion cliffs, glen dam, horseshoe bend, antelope canyon.


Now, the busiest day out of all, Day2 of road trip and day 1 at Page, Arizona! In the morning we went to glen canyon dam. I was trekking and  climbing . I was forever going to steep places and I was going though rocky areas. Me and masa were showing masi how to climb! It was so quiet and peaceful. Masa got some good shots. I found a pebble and wanted to keep it but it was way too heavy (although only 1 kg) and it was big. As big as masa’s hand. Finally, all of us found a small arch. Since it was shady, we rested under it. But I was the only one to not rest under it. Masa and masi said it was hot but it was only 92 degrees Fahrenheit! Masi lost her glasses but me and masa found it. She accidently dropped it. When I and masa found it, we saw one big scratch. We went to the car and left for horseshoe bend. But right before that, we had a break at Denny’s restaurant. (But we only got drinks!) Masi got a pacific chiller, masa got diet coke, and I got a strawberry milkshake. All of us immediately slurped down our drink!

We went to horseshoe bend. Over there, we looked at the beautiful scenery and peace. Masa was so enthusiastic with his camera, he was taking shots from every different angle! I lied down and looked at it. Oh, if it only had enough water for a high dive! But I can’t do it because it’s a 1,000 feet drop! I was also thinking about how did those boats get down there and how did they survive? They started from the beginning of the Colorado River. They passed very high currents to go to horseshoe bend! We went back to the car and went back to the hotel. Oh, how tired I was. And did you know I refilled masi’s bottle with ice. Because… there was no drinking fountain to refill the bottle! I was resting for some time. We ate chapattis with paneer. I ate 1 chapatti and 2 parathas. After that, we went to antelope canyon tours. At the tour, they take fourteen people in one, open monster truck. When we arrived, the guide showed us around the place.  One portion of the canyon looked something like the wave. They said that when it opened in 1920, people used at a place to shoot bullets. Then the government banned people from shooting bullets. The national geographic channel made a hole and put steel bars to harness the camera to film flash floods. And the flood came and swept the camera away. They never got the cameras back!

Then, we went to vermillion cliffs. Over there, we couldn’t enter so we looked from the outside. I used my sling shot to shoot stones. I also saw HUGE rocks that looked like a skull bone. Masi said it looked scary. We took some pictures and went back to the hotel. All of a sudden, a big storm arrived. Lightning struck. The dark, spooky world strikes again.

All of a sudden something happened. That something was lighting.


Lighting was all around us. Only a few meters away from us. I went back to sleep. The minute I dozed off, the lighting struck. This time even worse. We raced to the hotel. I was glad to be away from the storm. America is quite a scary place in terms of weather conditions! I survived the storm!!! Masi said it was the worst storm she’s seen




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One thought on “Day 2-vermillion cliffs, glen dam, horseshoe bend, antelope canyon.

  1. Oh man…this is really adventures and I wish I was there with you. btw, u r one brave boy!
    how come the fall and cliff story is missing…I hope you share that too. It is funny! keep writing. love mama

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