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lightning chaser

People who chase lightening risk their lives. And one of these people is Cameron. Cameron is a world famous tornado and storm chaser. He quit tornado chasing and got obsessed with chasing lightening in 1992. He had studied about how to track them. He bought a 600$ high-speed camera

Cameron was going to get a clear picture of a lightening. Then he realized that the camera was not fast enough to catch the lightening. So he modified it to take one shot every 200 milliseconds. He was ready!

 For eight years he tried and one day his work paid off! He got a powerful laser to track the lightening and to take its picture. The bottom of the picture was blurry and it looked like a cow. Or the lightening was a little bit faster. Even after this success he wasn’t done. He wanted to take a picture of a storm forming. People said that his chances of getting that picture are 1 out of 10! This year he is trying to a picture of a storm forming. Will he or will he not!



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