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Monopoly Revenge- Masi wins the game!

Okay, so here’s how it ended:

I was the richest but masi was the person who owned the most. masa got bankrupt and gave up. he tried his best to stay in the game, but no luck. I tried to bankrupt masi but she was the master. She kept forcing me to pay rent. She owned 31 places while i owned 5 places. on top of that, rent of all her properties where above 750$! She owned the most expensive place on that board. I kept landing into those places until, I was left with 700! I landed up in new york and had to give all of my rail roads to stay in the game. I was left with 3 areas.she never landed up in them. Then, I finally told her. I’m bankrupt and you’re powerful. I will complain to the government.   Sadly, masi was the government. I kept begging her to let me free. She could out rule me and force me to lose because I had less than 90$! Eventually, she kept getting power one by one. from bankrupt to loosing the game. devil! 


so unfair 


earlier I said that masa got bankrupt. This is what he said when that happened.

Great I only have a ‘get out of jail for free’ card. gee, this will help!



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