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3 chores to do only. not all of it!

Guess what? to I can choose what 3 chores i can do  out of educational tv, educational reading, reading, cleaning room, making bed, jogging, and drums! I choose blogging, drumming, and educational tv. I feel as happy as rafel nadal winning the french open! So I’ve started of with what your reading: Blogging! Then I will do educational tv and drumming.  I do’t no why masi gave me this advantage. I’m going to finish all of this as fast as I can.  After I finish my 3 chores, i will help masi around the house. I don’t want to use my 120 minutes of tv time because i want to earn wishes for giving up tv, ipad time, and Wii time. And if i help masi with her work, she can finish early and both of us can play monopoly! When masa comes home we can go for tennis, come back and i can help them with shopping. Everything is full proof. By the way, yesterday I played against masa in monopoly and i quickly went bankrupt. ut then i came back in the game. masa still has more money than me but i am still safe. i own the 2 richest places on the board and I have two full color groups. I made 2 hotels 1 hotel in board walk and on in park place. That will help me make masa bankrupt. I have to put a lot more effort to win the game. he has more than 5500 while i have 1500! I am not going to give up!



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