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Yesterday  masa, masi and I went camping. I helped set the tent. there were many insects including spiders. There were insects all around us. They were acting like they were doing a military attack. Some insect were going in the tent like they have never seen one. most insects were fire flies. they zoom across the tent looking for light. to end this insect attack, we made some borders that they would never dare to pass: the insect repellent border, and insect repellent for skin. I was in charge of scanning  our camp ground and finding the asian mammoth beetle. It spreads many infections to other humans. I was in charge to find it and trap it. I didn’t find any even though there were warning signs around the place. Though I did find a fire ant. And did you know that we forgot to buy cups so we had our tea in a paper bowl? thats the craziest thing i ever heard. At night we lit a fire, but right before we did that, we went to the river and I threw stone to see how fast was the current. we made paneer and corn and grilled potatoes. that was all tasty. i went to the hammock we got and relaxed on it. it was completely dark at night. the forest trees were covering the star light. we went in the tent and played monopoly. i was the person with the most property and owned boardwalk after that i slept and masi and masa were at the camp fire. when i woke up,  there was a spider on me. i went chrrrchrr i said to the spider instead of screaming. what a weird way to end the camp!


when i played monopoly, i remembered that on one time i said:”i have soo much praaaperty” instead of “I have so much property! oh, Banglaore I think I am missing you.



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One thought on “Camping

  1. oh dhruv, u r so funny!! and we are missing u too…why don’t u add some pics too. I am wondering how the camp looked and how big was spider!!

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