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only 18 days left before SCHOOL!

Oh, no! Only 18 days left from the end of vacation. What am i going to do! Panic? Scream? Tell the world. Only 18 day from SCHOOL! Now, instead of running around the house like a mad person, I will write it in a blog. No. thats not enough. I need something more… a lot better to get that out of my head… but what. Go to sleep and count sheep? Read a book? What in the world am I going to do. this is code red. Emergency. I need something to get that out of my head. I can surely think of something… or not. Wait how about seeing our return ticket to go to lake compounce. Or 6 flags. I better think quick before the end of the day. I need help. I need an assistance. What about going to play table tennis and tennis, or watch the new haven open? That will be interesting. I hope everybody wil agree. Watch tv? too small. watch the dubai open. not happening at the moment and not in dubai. What about chatting on Skype? And telling my mama about her new blue planet green people blog. Sadly, i can not think of anything. So give some ideas to me but whatever you do, DO NOT POST THOOSE IDEAS ON FACEBOOK. people who don’t see my blog will get to know. Thank you for listening.

nobody can copy my blog onto any piece of work.  



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5 thoughts on “only 18 days left before SCHOOL!

  1. Dhruv, what’s worrying you the most— coming back to Dubai, coming to dubai and attend school or coming to dubai to be back with mom and dad ?? 🙂

  2. Hi Dhruvi, have a great idea to keep yourself away from thinking about the school. Try to find the corner of a circle 🙂

  3. Dhruvi actually we all hav been there n done that….used to hate to get back to school durin our schoolin days..however now as Mohan Mama says “now jus try to find the corner of a circle”…its like finding a curve to a square…or jus keep countin strands of ur hair…n jus hav fun…Cheers!!

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