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Tennis and Robot

Yesterday, I went for tennis coaching. When we arrived, the coach recognized that I have a new racquet. With surprise, he said “oh Dhruv, you got a new racquet! He shouted as he was in the middle of a double’s match. After he finished the match, he came to play with us. He started off with me. He made me do my forehand continuous. He kept doing it until i got REALLY tired. Then he asked me “do you want to  take some rest.? I can play with masi.?” I said in a instant “no I am fine.” So, he gave me some backhands to work on. He told me that not many people are good at backhand but you are better than I thought. When the coach looked at my face while we were collecting the balls he realized it had turned red. After that, he gave a few balls to masi too so that I could rest a bit.  I did my forehand practice, masi did her backhand. Coach made it look so easy! His style was perfect. Knees where bent. He always pushed the ball. The ball never came to him. He went to the ball. He corrected me all the time. Go to the ball! Make sure your racquet doesn’t face upwards! Bend your knees! Finally, I got tired and went to turn on the court lights. Coach said I had to work on my footwork. Okay, that will be perfect by next class!

Here’s another topic:

The next day (today) I watched a show called robo’s and they had 20 teams challenge in a competition where they have a challenge that they have to make a automatic, real sized car to cross the Nevada desert. They took all day and night to create and out of 20 machines, only one would win the 2 million dollar prize. The top 3 used 2 different types of technologies – laser sensors which detect colors and shows which is safer route. Like Blue was unsafe and Green was safe. And they were programmed to follow the safer route. Stanford University used the laser sensors and nothing went wrong! And the winner  was Stanford university!   Second and Third was the Red Team. They made two automatic machine like Stanford. They used cameras instead of laser beams to detect how far is the obstacle, to decide the route. But there was a gas malfunction and they had just enough gas to make it to the finish line. And there was also a motorbike robot from the Standford team which could not qualify because the motorbike fell during the obstacle course. At least the car came first!



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