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Last Sunday, in the morning, we went to this place called Burr Pond Lake where you can barbecue and go kayaking. When we reached there, I was so eager to go kayaking. I have never gone kayaking! This was the first time for me. As we arrived to the camp site, I started thinking: how is it going to be? Is it tricky? Can we easily fall down? Will we crash? There were just so many things in my head I didn’t know what to do. We first grilled corn and stated to eat. I helped masa to light up the fire and to gril the corn.The corn was delicious. I like corn when it is not black and smokey. After that we went kayaking. One of my paddles accidentally hit masa with my paddle behind me. Luckily, his paddle saved him. Me and masa also went around a huge rock. I was in charge of preventing the kayak from crashing while masa was in charge of turning. After kayaking, I was fighting to get on the hammock but masi kept pushing me out. After that we left barbecue area and headed home. I hope next week we go there! 



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