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Yesterday I AGAIN went to lake compounce amusement park. But this time I did something different. I went on a roller coaster with a loop on it. It was the first time I went on a ride with a loop on it. At first, I was scared. I thought that it’s going to be real scary. But as I went on the cart, I realized that there was nothing to it. but it was fun. In the start, Th cart is pulled onto a slope. Then, the cart goes down rapidly. Your tummy tickles so hard. The first loop was the biggest and the scariest loop. You go very slow and it’s a big and HUGE loop. It goes through 3 loops. Finally, after 3 loop it gets pulled up on the slide. But this time, it’s going on the loop upside down. You fell like your going to fall on your chest on the first loop. But the restraint keeps you from falling. It was only a 15 second ride and goes backwards and forwards on the loops. To find out how it looks like, Read (well, watch) the video on my next and 2nd video blog! 



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