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Come back to dubai

Oh no! I’m close to the end of summer vacation. What to do? I will be vanquished very soon. I will have to wait 220 days before i go back to vacation! Why do days go so fast? Cant they go fast at school and go slow in the summer vacation and winter vacation? Why can’t somebody do that? Oh, yeah parents don’t have summer vacation so if that happens, they will have to go to work 46 hours a day! And then parents will tell the government and sue all the children for failing in exams because of so much vacation. It is true that earth’s rotation is going slower and days seconds, minutes, hours, days and years (and you get the point) are getting longer. So, I am really going to miss vacation a lot.I think i am going to get the back to school blues and also write about it. But I only go to school for one reason: To play with my friends. But I am forced to do the learning part. (just kidding). I am actually the smartest person in the grade since I was in gems world academy. From grade kg, to grade 4, I have been the smartest. Seriously though, school is a fun place. Even though you will fell nervous about going it’s alright. It’s ok. Everybody gets nervous. Even I do sometimes. I hope the readers learned something about this fine piece of writing.  




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