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Srivats birthday is comming

Srivats birthday is coming. Yippee! We are going to Sega republic. The biggest indoor amusement park! I am going to go on the ride that is like the pirate ship, but instead it was going on a skateboard like thing that twists. I am going on the roller coaster and G-force. G-force is a ride in which you turn upside down and move your controller. If you turn right, it turns right. There also is an arcade with 20 different games! Upstairs there is another roller coaster. In the roller coaster, it’s super dark. A character is chasing you trying to catch you. In that roller coaster, you’re the bad guy and the character that is chasing you is on the good side. And one of the best games is when you go in a real life car simulator and you feel like you’re driving in a race car! I don’t know if he’s having an organized party of a group party. If he’s having an organized party, A cake is set and we get to eat it and let the birthday boy blow the candles and make a wish. We also sing happy birthday and help him open his presents. I think it’s going to be an awesome experience because right after that we are going to Kidzania! Nothing can get any better! In Kidzania I’m robbing the bank and being a banker at the same time! I also going to be a coco cola maker and a aileron designer. And my favorite: Paramedic! This party is going to be one of the biggest thrills I’ve had! 



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