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First week of school

My first week of school was nice. There was no homework, we barley did anything in our class, and we where relaxing. It was a fun week. My friends and me where very talkative for the first day, but then we stopped talking. We are now making a collage at school. I have made a good start. Now if you see it, you may think it has lots of pictures. But for a collage, it’s only a third completed. I need  40 more pictures to complete the collage. I am using pictures from magazines and newspapers along with my personal photos to create this collage.I think it will look good when finished. I also did a spelling test to check  which spelling group I will be a part of. We wrote a short story to see where we need help in writing. Sadly, we didn’t do any math this week:(.

At recess I played football. This week I’ve scored 2 goals. One of them was from a corner. I shot a curve ball into the goal like David Beckham. The second goal was a tricky one. I was surrounded by many players. So I kicked the ball in the air and used my left leg instead of my right one confusing the goal keeper ( I normally shoot with my right leg).

I had an amazing week with lots of things going on. But what I’m most proud of is getting full marks in the Arabic placement test. (my other scores haven’t come out yet) but soon they will. Now that’s what happened this week.

See you next time bye bye…!!.        

Adios Amigos,




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