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5 people i respect

5 people I respect

1. Nana


Because he is very nice and stacks up the refrigerator with badam milk, mango pulp, and fruits. He also helps me memorize my times table and re mind’s me to practice on the drum pad. He helps me exercise and keep my body fit


2. Nani

Because she makes tasty pani puri, Dhokalas, masala dosa’s, and is always on my side, she helps people, works hard all day and night, very calm by meditating early morning by sunrise.

2. Anish Ana


He helps me learn things like how to play tennis, how to ride the wave board, and football. He teaches me new facts, he shows me his books, he shows what he does for entertainment, and what he does to improve on these skills

3. Masa and Masi 


They put me on a schedule so I’m not bored the whole day. They pamper me. They give me tasty food. The list goes on and on! They love me so much and care about me.

4.Tata (grand father)

Because when he was a little younger, let’s say 23-39, he used to help people in many ways. He helped people cross the street, donated money to the poor, and also encouraged me to eat and not waste. Sadly, he died because he died of a heart attack

5. Pati (grandmother)


Because she sings prayers with me, she makes tasty food ,  and she tells story about  how appa was as a kid and about gods.


These are 6 people who I respect. But remember this is not PUT IN ORDER!    



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