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Made it in the soccer team!!!!!!!

I had a great feeling right after I signed and made it to the team! But this is how it started:

Pressure! Pressure! What should I do! I’m on the green area called a FOOTBALL pitch. Coach is about to come to see who’s good for the team. He starts of with some warm ups. I try to make sure I don’t get tired. Then it hits me: I could feel the cramp on my leg that was bugging me for the past week! What do I do! I can’t tell coach! He’ll think I’m a wussy boy and not put me on the team. We do but kicks, high knees, squats, push ups and crunches. Then we start with the short match. I make sure that when I’m with the ball, I be fluent and take it easy. I dribble the first couple and then I quickly pass it to one of my teammates in front of me before a whole pile of people try to attack me and do a pile like in American football! Luckly, the person in front of me didn’t notice the ball and then the goalkeeper took advantage of that my kicking the ball away. Right after that we had a foul. So one of our shooters shot the ball but we knew the ball was going to miss it. So I quickly Header it in the goal and score a amazing goal (according to the teacher). But when they announced the players who are going to be on the team, by heart was beating really hard almost hitting a nerve behind it. But when they said my name, that foul pain stopped. I have made it in the team. My father made it when he was 10, but now I have made it and I only nine. That was a awesome fantastic superb day for me.



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