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Farmers market

Yesterday, my mother’s organic store “Blue planet green people” had there first farmers market. She was super excited and was looking forward to the event. My mom gave me some survey sheets so I could ask the customer on how they felt about the farmers market.

At the market they had organic products and food, vegetables and activities like gardening, arts & craft, and story telling. While I was asking questions and doing the survey, my mother was speaking to people about her organic store. Four other people were also doing surveys. I didn’t walk and ask questions because while walking some people didn’t bother to answer and some people were so tall that they could hardly notice me. So instead of walking I used a wave board. Using a wave board is more efficient then having to walk. You can also go a lot faster and skim through the crowd. And when people try to walk away from me from asking questions, I chased them on my wave board to get the answers. And in 10 minutes, I had got four surveys done while the rest only got 2 done!

Afterwards, I decided to go to the story telling area. They read us a book called “Curious George.” It is about a monkey who is curios and gets himself into trouble because of his curiosity. I heard about “curiosity killing the cat” but in this case, the cat became the monkey! The monkey can understand  English but he cant speak English. The story was very interesting. In the end, we played a game where everybody had to build up on each sentence spoken by the previous person.  Our topic was about a man in a forest. We never got to finish the story because I had to go home .

I had an awesome time at the farmers market and I’m looking forward to another one next week! And I do hope you will come!  We need business!



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