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My birthday

Yesterday I went to my friends paintball birthday party. I had a blast.  So I’m going to tell you about round 1, 2, and 3.

In round one, I was more of a chicken that a gunman. On My hand, I held a paintball shot gun. My partner for all the rounds was Nick. Our first round was called eliminate all the players. Since I had never experienced a paintball hit me, I wanted to stay in one hut and fire with my friend nick. We first did an open fire on where we thought the opponents are and then we picked a target. Since the window was small, we had to take chances. My friend spotted an enemy, and he started shooting at him. Then I started shooting at the same direction. We never got to know weather we hit the target or not. Then an enemy was shooting back at us. Like idiots, we pur both of out guns on the hay and started firing. Now remember the guns were not small enough so both of them can fit? Well, when we shot, the bullets collided! Then the round was over. (by the way I had 100 bullets in my gun!)

In round two, I had 118 bullets. The round was called capture the flag. My team went into our base and started to plan. I was still a chicken so I stayed on defence. When they blowed the whistle, I ran to a hut. We switched sides this time. I started looking through the window of the hay hut. Then all of a sudden, One of my team mates was one on one with the opponent. From the huts window I started shooting at the opponent. My friend also shot. Both of us used 10 bullets but finally we got him. Then the opponent was running to our base with the flag. I remembered my purpose of being a defender and started shooting at him. Then I got him but before he could say ow he planted the flag. He should have been eliminated but the empire didn’t see so the other team one.

In the last round, we played ramble. If you get shot you are not out. If you run out of bullets, you are eliminated. This time I was brave. I quickly went behind a wheel and picked a target and started firing them. Then all of a sudden there were two people trying to shoot me. I told my partner, Nick to get one guy and I get the other. although we didn’t get them they got scared and ran away. Then we went into a huge hut. There was a hut in front of us. We thought there were only 2 people in that hut but no. There were 5 people in that hut! It was two against five. My friend shot two people and shot one. Then the worst thing ever happend. My friend ran out of bullets and was eliminated and nobody knew I was alone. I though all the people in the hut 5 meters away from me where al out but I was wrong. There were two more people. When I went two got somewhere else, They shot me in the head where the mask is not protecting you! I went back to my base and then went in a small hut. I found an enemy but was too far from him. When nobody was looking, I went out of the small hut and into the barricade area. I found somebody else running back not because they where shot. So I wen to the side of the barricade and shot him. It took me three shots but finally I got him. Guess where? On the but! By then I was down to four bullets. (I started with 200 bullets.) I found Seif facing the other way and using my last four bullets, I shot him on the leg. I ran out of bullets so I went out of the battle field with my gun up so nobody could shoot me. The minute I went back the party ended. It was one of the coolest parties I have been to!

 The end




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