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Oh, No it could not have happened!

Oh no, the worst thing ever happened! My aunt is getting a baby! Why? Why?! Why could this have happened. Oh,the pain! It feels like somebody has done Kimotherapy on me without anesthesia! All the pain. Headaches, nightmares, and zombies devils all in my head. Anthrax on my leg. Oh, why now! Why a baby! Now I cant Skype her because she will be crazy with her baby making excuses on why she shouldn’t Skype me. All the 10 years of happiness ever since I was out of my mothers stomach just goes away. Now she will like the baby more Then me! Why did this happen? From lake compounce to 1,000-2,000 mile road trip. How could she do this to me. Leave me in one corner. You took me to an amusement park and encouraged me to go on scary rides. You encouraged me to eat my vegetables but now you leave me in one corner all alone in the dark, night sky with temperature’s below 0 degrees. But there still is a shimmering piece of light. Please don’t take this harshly. I still feel happy for you. You will soon be qualified as a mother. You will spread the love across the family. I feel happy for you. Good luck Aunty.SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 360



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