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Brownstone National park

On Saturday my uncle and I went with a few of his friends went to a place called Brownstone National Park.

At Brownstone, there where so many rides to do! The very first thing we did was the highest zip line in the park. We quickly walked up the inclined part of the cliff and got ready in line. We could hear the roaring sound of the zip line! The Staff told us to put on a harness and wait in the line. When it was out turn, they put something on our harness that connected a wire to the zip line. Then we zoomed down the zip line. I started to spin in circles. I could barley look forward all because of the wind! You might think we landed on a cushion but no. We skimmed through the water with our buts hitting first! It felt like as if you landed on a pile of never ending stones!



The second ride I did was a water slide. It looked like a slow one but it wasn’t. At the end of the slide there was a small 2 feet drop. I jumped in with my feet landing on the slide first. I zoomed down the slide as fast as a race car. And remember when I told you about the 2 feet drop? Well, since the ride wouldn’t  slow down before the small drop it felt like I was higher than ever! I forgot about holding

my nose so it felt like there was water in and outside my brain. But apart from that, the ride was awesome!


The third activity I did was ladder climbing. I got in line ready to climb ladder that was on the cliff. While I was in line, a little boy was climbing the ladder until he squealed: ” I’m stuck! I can’t do it! Somebody help me get down!” The boy didn’t know that there a rope connected to him so he could just let go. Since the instructor knew this he said: ” Let go of the ladder” but the boy refused to. For a long, long time he was stuck up there until an instructor had to go up there and rescue him. The boy refused to be clipped on to him and said: “Your not a professional” but then the instructor said “I am a professional.” Finally the boy managed to come down and the Que was moving again. When it was my turn they clipped me on and said: ” You can start climbing now” When I was climbing the ladders it felt like There was 2 tons of cargo on my back. It felt like the safety gear was trying to pull me back. I finally made it to the top and took a zip line to get back down.


The last ride I did was a zip line except you have to hold some thing on the the top of your head and if you let got you would fall into the water. When it was my turn he told me to jump between these to buoys. I was 30 meters in the air and I had to jump into the water from 20 meters. As I held the top of  holding the thing that connects the holder to the zip line I got nervous. Then he pushed me right of the board I was soaring through the air at lightning speed. Then I was aproximatley 20 meters in the air between the 2 buoys when I jumped. I crashed into the water like and airplane. I thought I was going to drown but thanks to my trusty life jacket I was afloat. I swam to ground ( I was not on a beach). That was the absolute most best ride I went on! 


I am looking forward to coming back to Brownstone National Park that is in America And I wish there was one in Dubai!


Thats the water slide!

Thats 9/10ths the way through the highest zip line zip line!











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