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Chena Rascala

The arrival of of Yeshe Has brought many, many catastrophic ideas that he uses. First of all, his schedule is completely messed up. He first does a very gentle (Not!) wake up call. His loud screams makes it almost impossible to NOT wake up. Yeshe then asks for milk, sleeps, 2 minutes later cries. Poops, burps, then has another accident in his pants (This time pee.) Then he has the world famous combination of both accidents in his pants. Then when knows that we are having a good time, he does another wakeup call, this time, for no reason! I’m telling you he is a mastermind, alright. To hide the fact that he does all of this he does in the end a little puppy eyed face! I mean, how can he be so self minded? He’s a devil I tell you, a devil! Behind that puppy eyed face is actually an evil mastermind! If you don’t believe me, you should see for yourself! HE’S EVIL, I TELL YOU, EVIL!!!!!!!



Hi there, and welcome to Dhruv Beats. Over here, you can read a collection of stories, ideas, thoughts and opinions. But in the end, browse around, read, and well, enjoy! "A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts" - Brandon A. Trean

2 thoughts on “Chena Rascala

  1. Awesome post!! I completely second every word that you have written Dhruvi!! He is a real mastermind! The only time he looks innocent is when he is fast asleep (and that is very rare)

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