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Going to Istanbul with 2 woman! :( (A very accurate prediction)

This is a disaster! I’m going to Istanbul and instead of enjoying my time over there I end up wasting my time waiting for the women coming with me to by all of the stores stock at the country that is rich in history, culture, and is beautiful! Women! Couldn’t we go back to the old days in a time machine? Opp. That would make it even worse! They would take the futures money to the past but then everything would be cheap to them! Now imagine the Grand Bazzar! Full of bargains! I will have to wait outside the store in the 10 degree temperature that is in the air while they get to stay in the warm store looking for stuff! Then, the tour guide will be mad at them, and the tour guide will leave us, and the tour guide will blame it on them and they will blame it on me for not reminding them. Earth to lady! I’ve been trying to call you but you don’t seem to care and say: “Oh, keep your yap shut!” I cannot believe why some people are attracted to women! Men know this joke and know it’s real: “Wife -Worries invited forever” Yet men still act like this! Okay, listen up! If your going on a shopping trip to a beautiful place next time, Count me out!



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2 thoughts on “Going to Istanbul with 2 woman! :( (A very accurate prediction)

  1. Dhruvi,
    Well said! I completely agree with you 🙂
    Your economics knowledge is fantastic – time value of money is well captured.
    Keep writing..
    Mohan mama

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