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A boys perspective of the world (Me!)

Know that there one thing and then there is homework. Now homework is vital, but is it useful? Many universities have done a boatload of research and found one thing. You don’t learn anything from homework! Now why is it that you don’t learn anything from homework? It’s simply because the way teachers give homework is very inefficient. Now I have had this talk with some people and they went against me. They said: “Homework is for revision!.” Well I completely go against that because students like me are responsible for paying attention in class and listening. If we don’t understand it then it’s our responsibility to tell the teacher that we don’t understand it, and she will give something to student so the student can learn. So if homework is not for revision, what is it? Now to the school I go to they also agree on this but they still want to keep homework, so how will they do they do that? They decided on a program called peaks: Participation, environment, action, knowledge, and skills. So our school puts in a bunch of activities in them and we can choose an activity and relate it to something we like! So that way, we can learn something in a fun way rather than worksheets. And it’s been 1 quarter and I actually loved to do it thanks to this way of homelearning



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