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Pinhead Family

When you have friends, you usually might forget about them. But there was a little something that no one would ever expect.

It was a regular night in the town of Axeldron. The streets were lit, and there was not a soul in sight. Nobody would have guessed what would have happen next……………..Nothing. Maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but really, nothing. Well, nothing for everyone else except in the Davidson house. Tantrums happened everyday and it felt like as if there was no answer. But when ever there was a problem, the Davids was to dumb to figure out a solution! You might think, wow it must take a master mind unlike Dhruv to figure it out. Well, you were partially right about a master mind unlike Dhruv. Anyway. There tantrums kept couch potato’s awake! I mean what were these tantrums all about? If it was one thing or another, it was all about stealing from one and other. They simply couldn’t not steal from one and another. The little sister wanted the toys from the big brother like call of duty while the big brother wanted the Barbie dream house! The dad wanted the makeup and lipstick while the mom wanted shades and wanted a black market? They decided to go and see a councilor and the councilor said something very politely. You guys and girls are a bunch of pinheads. All you want is each others things and not your own. You love to make each other jealous. The only advice I can give to you is that you trade your things to one and other. Yet the family refused to and earned the title of pinhead family.



Hi there, and welcome to Dhruv Beats. Over here, you can read a collection of stories, ideas, thoughts and opinions. But in the end, browse around, read, and well, enjoy! "A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts" - Brandon A. Trean

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