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I Cant Believe It!

I can’t believe it! Is it true? I get my first laptop (okay tablet) without it being taken by my mother! now you might think this is an ordinary tablet like and iPad but no! This is the Windows surface pro 2! Now you might think that Windows is a software company but they made a tablet! In fact, I writing this blog post on there tablet! But remember when I said this is not an ordinary tablet? This is not an ordinary tablet because it has a keyboard (sold separately) that you can clip on to make it like a computer! Now also, because in middle school (Myp) (I’m right now in grade 5 and your allowed now to bring an educational device, but for myp it’s mandatory). Anyway, in myp your not allowed to bring a tablet but for this grade your are allowed so I electronics teacher if I can use this Tablet and he said that this tablet just like a computer so, YES! My mother is so jealous that she want’s to trade her Mac Book Pro for this but I said no because it’s no point hunting the laptop (tablet) in a busy mall for the latest version and then give it to someone else. So I’ve been thinking to hire a swat team with tranquilizers to protect it from her. Also, when I got my first laptop (Before this, this is a tablet that has the same power as a laptop with a keyboard) she said that she would take the Toshiba to her work and back and would give me her Mac, I got sold. But it was just words away from a gruesome plan. She did not keep her promise and did not give her Mac Book Pro and kept the Toshiba. I was stuck with nothing. So, this one, I’m keeping safe no matter what deal she gives me from a 3D printer to a dog (Okay, Maybe not). However, this I a work laptop and I am not downloading games and since it’s for work, she can’t take it away from me so, yippee!

Please check images of this tablet! It’s a Windows Surface Pro 2!

the way I did change the look of the blog so don’t get confused!



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One thought on “I Cant Believe It!

  1. You already got the Surface! Wow! Awesome! The safest place to hide your tablet would be under your mom’s bike! She is going nowhere close to that in near future!

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