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Expressing yourself

Expressing your yourself. The thought of letting your emotions out, your idea’s, your feelings, and your creativity. This one word express, can be so many different things. It can be in so many different places. And in my opinion, it’s everywhere. A blank wall, can represent sadness and boredom. even everyday objects, from a toy to a plane, everything expresses them. And the thing is, it’s not just feelings alone. You can represent that creativity in you, that self confidence at courage in you! You can show people who you are just by what you do! You can be that guy, that guy who is social and share’s everything that they do or you can be that guy who is quiet and expresses themselves on a piece of paper or art. You can be that guy that uses humor and says: “I don’t wanna go on the monkey bars because I think it’s cruel to torture monkeys.” The thing is, that in reality everyone does it all the time wherever they are. You just don’t notice that! Humans were liked this and evolved like this. Expressing yourself can be more important than a government or a car. Just imagine a place where nobody expresses there feelings: The world would be dull, there would be nothing because part of expressing yourself is ideas and imagine that! No paint for building, no building at all! No enjoyment in life, no happiness in life, no inquiring in your life, nothing! This is how expressing your feelings are so important and we cannot live without it. Try to think about the different ways you express yourself and leave them in the comments so I can read them.



Hi there, and welcome to Dhruv Beats. Over here, you can read a collection of stories, ideas, thoughts and opinions. But in the end, browse around, read, and well, enjoy! "A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts" - Brandon A. Trean

3 thoughts on “Expressing yourself

  1. Loved your post Dhruv! These are the ways I express my feelings
    – Talking to people I am close to
    – Cooking
    – Graphic design (I’ve started this recently)

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