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HAL musem visit

 HAL Museum Visit

On a bright early morning I and my brother dress up for a visit to HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) museum. We boarded the car and my body felt like a plane as the museum was right next to an Air Force Camp. As we entered I could already see the planes since they were outside! An since HAL creates the Indian planes all the planes shown there were real old retired ones and you got to touch them! Each plane I saw was more fascinating than the invention of pickles on toast. I got to see some old ones used in the good old days of the Cold War (For planes) like the MiG 21! We also got to go on a flight simulator which had a plane called the Hunter but I think they cheated me because my brother got to land the plane while I was stuck on the air and going under the ground and surprisingly not crashing because I would go straight to the ground and back up which I found very funny (And I’m pretty sure that the other ids thought that a plane surviving a hit while diving underground was real. There showed a few tech specs about the planes and there times in service. In the end, we went to a timeline of HAL planes and the hall of fame. I got to see a Helicopter called Dhruv (Which I was named after and the god) and what it did when it was in service. I also got to see a bomber that was used in the Indo-Pakistan war called the Canberra. I enjoyed myself at the museum and would love to go again. It was very important to me because I like to research planes and talk about how planes have shaped and changed the way we live. The museum showed me how planes have helped India when there were tough times like the 2005 tsunami over Nagapattanam, India, and where Indian nurses were rescued from Iran quite recently and many more. Give your opinion on how planes have affected our lives in a bad or a good way.



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2 thoughts on “HAL musem visit

  1. Nice. Put a few photos. How can you fly a plane under the ground? Something wrong with the simulator or the altimeter!

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