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Bhubaneswar Day 2

Bhubaneswar day 2:
The day started out with a freezing cold shower for a very hot day. If you were me, no matter what the odds may be, a hot shower was a necessity. So you could imagine how it felt to be me. Plus, even though I can resist 6 degrees Celsius winds I cannot resist 25 degrees Celsius water for more than 10 seconds. So I had to resist for 10 minutes! I somehow made it without turning into an ice cube in the heat of Bhubaneswar so I thank mother nature for saving me from the horror I faced. We moved on that day and went to the temple for Yeshe’s birthday. My aunt and uncle came almost 45 minutes later because they were with Yeshe, and when they bought a Kurta (traditional indian shirt) for Yeshe, it was a size to small so they had to cut a bit of it so it would fit! Those are the times where I feel bad for my uncle because if Kurta’s were measured age wise, they wouldn’t have to worry about it not fitting! It took almost of what felt like a trip to the moon for everyone who was invited to come to the puja (not that I had a card saying I was invited but he is my cousin brother but why not?). It also took a trip to neptune before we could start eating. I was lucky to start eating early because right after I eat god took a leak like never before. I was lucky that we could go through the kitchen so we could enter the temple without stepping outside. On the other hand, my mother and aunt had to go through the wet kitchen because the kitchen is outdoor with a roof. The rain was so strong it started leaking though the roof like a spaceship going through a black hole. After everyone eat, everyone wanted to hold Yeshe because he was a baby and it was HIS puja before HIS birthday. Plus, I felt bad for Yeshe because when people he doesn’t know hold him he whimpers and gets cranky and cries. After the puja we went back to the club but I decided to go with My uncle and Aunt to the place they were and open Yeshe’s biggest present and assemble it. After that, we were to go to eat something called chicken egg. Which is a role with 2 eggs and a chicken with a tangy masala. But that plan was almost abruptly ended when our geyser motor stopped working and we had to call our neighbors at 8:30pm on a working day so they could fix it because they happened to know how to fix it. Only then we could go AFTER we put Yeshe to sleep which is a difference of 1 to impossible. Then we finally left and had.delicious wraps and chinese food (where for the first time I had a jumbo prawn) and went home peacefully after a busy day.



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