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Bhubaneswar Day 3 (90th Post!)

Day 1:
The first day was a hell of a day in the beginning accompanied by a cranky wakeup call at 3:00am and a gruesome 1hour of horror stuck in a taxi followed by a 3 hour flight with a stopover where in that plane, you have nothing but a blank screen on you’re face where you pass time trying to find out what to do and that would be a impossible to find answer to this trivial question for any Einstein out there. We were lucky that my little cousin brother (Yeshe) wasn’t cranky our else I would have a headache so bad I would be the first human in hibernation.
But finally I am out of that flying tube of pain and we managed to go through in collecting baggage fairly easily. And since it was a domestic flight, no immigration, so no long lines! We were greeted by a very warm welcome and to recap, we were in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the state, Orissa. And where we the staying, Bhubaneswar, had only a 20km radius! Surprisingly, it was the largest city in that state and everything was only 15 minutes away! We kicked of the day with a visit to my Uncle’s Grandpa (Almost like my grandpa but not) and then on out way to the hotel before accidentally touching Yeshe’s dirty diaper. We only stayed there as what felt  a millisecond of rest and head out to eat some good Indian Fried Street food (Chat) and then went to a market place where you had so much variety and My Uncle tried to show of his bargaining skills but was obvious he was trying to hard. From there, we moved over to a jewellery place but I decided to take the obvious decision to go to a place called Halal a big market place with so much variety that you can smell you’re way through it to find different things (Pictures at the bottom of the article) and is very easy to get lost inside that maze of shops. I loved that place and the people because they are very friendly and quick and easy. Then in the end, we picked the woman up (My Mom and Aunt) and had a bomb load of Indian sweets and came back to the club. My Aunt and Uncle went somewhere else and I came back home and wrote this post



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