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Bhubaneswar Day 3

Bhubaneswar Day 3:
We woke up with a animal packed day and had to rush for breakfast where I had a masala Dosa. What I love about Bhubaneswar is that it is not in the south neither is it in the north so you get a taste of everything and not just a particular North or South Indian cuisine. We went to where my aunt and uncle was staying and went to Konark and went to the 800 year old Konark Temple. Over there we had a lovely guide who showed us the temple and explained how sunlight hit the god first and then the temple. The Kon temple was the Sun God temple. It has 7 horses and 24 wheels around it representing 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The wheels had a iron strop and the iron strip was attracted to a magnet which held the temple together. This temple was believed to be constructed at around 1200AD. Sadly, when the British came to rule India, they removed the magnet and part of the temple was destroyed (In the pictures you can see where it was destroyed). Since it was the Sun Temple, you can find the out the time using the wheels around the temple and the Sun sort of like a sun dial. Some of the wheels are broken because the British removed them and so are some of the 7 horses. The temple is under restoration and is so old that the temple’s roof can collapse because the rocks are so old. It was a very beautiful temple and sometimes I wonder why did the british destroy a part of the beautiful temple when they were not affected by it. After that, we went to Puri and got to see the Puri Temple and this was a 1000 year old temple that was huge and was obvious that it was very popular with the people who lived there. Navigating inside it was like the Bangalore rush hour and a mirror maze. I was fascinated at the made dome like structure and I wondered, how could they make such a thing 1000 years ago? It was almost impossible to get a view because of the amount of people flooding the area.I was eating eager to go again so I could get a better view so when I come again another day I will clearly remember how it looked since photography was not aloud inside. After exiting, I was eager yo go for a really tasty roll I had yesterday but in the car I crashed so we couldn’t go. I had an amazing experience and hope I will be able to come back another day



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